How it works

Contact your Credit Union or Member Direct Realty for Agent referral
Get loan Prequalified through your Credit Union
Go shopping and Buy or Sell your home
Receive a credit from your Realtor at closing
It’s EASY, it’s FREE

About Us

Member Direct Realty is a real estate brokerage that manages a network of experienced Real Estate agents throughout Colorado and is designed to give Credit Union’s a leg up on their competition and increase their loan volume. Our network of agents will rebate a portion of their commission to the Credit Union member every time they purchase or sell a home, collected at time of closing and itemized on the HUD-1 settlement statement. Colorado is an approved rebate State and the program is RESPA compliant.

Who are our agents?

Member Direct Realty only selects experienced, knowledgeable agents that have been in the business for a minimum of 5 years. Our 18 years of experience allow us to select the best of the best and we will manage their progress along the way.

What’s in it for the Credit Union?

The benefit to the Credit Union is simply the opportunity to earn your mortgage business. As you already know, Credit Unions love their members and they do whatever they can to make sure they get the best deal possible. They will do the same with your mortgage needs. Give them a shot…you won’t be disappointed.

What’s in it for the member?

The member gets 25% of the real estate commission rebated/credited to them upon closing just for using the program and one of our approved agents. There are no contracts to sign, no fees to the member, and no extra work on their part. The entire program is simply a benefit for being a member of the participating credit union.